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--Jim Chapman (1966)
--John Dolan
--Linda Graziano
--Mike Green (May 2008)
Mike had a stroke and a heart attack. We were in touch by phone. His wife informed me earlier this month. He will be missed
--Mr. Willie Harvard (April 2001)
School Resource Specialist
--Harold Henry
--Patty McLaughlin
--Michael A. Posnick
--Judith Rohrer (2007)
--Donald Sisk (1965)
us marine died in vietnam
--Mike Vilbas
--Harry Wise

--Alex Ledergerber (1977)
Alex passed away after being tragically shot in a senseless shooting in Pompano Beach, FL on June 5, 1977. He was a most loving son, brother, and a wonderful loyal friend. He is missed dearly.

1991 student
--Jocelyne Chery (4-28-2011)
a beautiful person inside and out brought peace and laughter to the lives of those who knew her she will truly be missed. R.I.P.

--Veronica (Roni) Schierberl Barty (March 13, 2012)
Veronica (Roni)passed away at the age of 60 in Erie Pa. after a two year battle with Parkinsons disease.

@1961 or 62
--Steven Levine (Feb 14, 1997)
Heart failure Brother of Mindy Bellhop at Waikiki Motel; Owned Tree Man Tree Service in North Miami Beach

--Jerry Yarley

--Wayne Chandler (2006)
Wayne Chandler, a former WSVN-Channel 7 weatherman whose career ended abruptly after a 1984 head-on car crash, died Wednesday. He was 65. In addition to giving weekend weather reports, Chandler hosted a kids' show called Sunday Funnies with Charlie Folds for more than a decade in the 1970s and early '80s. ''He auditioned as co-host and I liked him right away,'' said Folds, who retired from the station in 2003. "He had a way with children.'' Folds recalled how Chandler read comics like Peanuts and Hagar the Horrible during the half-hour program, while Folds, dressed in a Toby the Robot costume, made sound effects. ''He did the talking, I did the clowning around,'' Folds said. Chandler's baritone voicecaptivated TV audiences, Folds said. ''He had a unique voice. A deep, deep announcer voice,'' Folds said. Chandler worked with the station until Dec. 7 1984, when a head-on collision left him with multiple fractures and a severe head injury. Chandler was traveling in a Volkswagen Beetle on Biscayne Boulevard when another driver lost control and struck his car. Chandler slowly recovered, his wife said, but was never well enough to return to work. "It kind of got to him for a while after his accident, because that was his life,'' said his wife, Lynn Chandler. Sunday Funnies ended soon after Chandler's departure from the station. Chandler was born Oct. 17, 1940, in Chester, Pa. He moved to South Florida as a child, graduating from North Miami High School. He later attended Miami Dade Community College, and earned a bachelor's degree in meteorology from Florida International University. Before working at WSVN -- formerly WCKT -- he worked in sales, his wife said. In addition to his wife, Chandler is survived by four daughters and one grandchild. A memorial service will take place at 2 p.m. Saturday at Fred Hunter's Funeral Home in Hollywood. (Note: Thanks to all those who let me know about the death of Wayne. P. S. Wayne had been married to another former Pioneer, Sharon Madsen)

--Scott Suzanne

--Eugene Bien
--Leon Burrows
--John Butler
--Charles (Chuck) Damiano
--Ester Lee De Loach
--Pat Devlin
--Robert Gibson
--Ruth Hackathorn
--William Hines
--Edward Kendall (2000)
--Stuart Ludwig
--William Mangels
--Charles Matthews
--Ronald L. Meggison, Sr. (April 15, 2006)
--Dolores (Dolly) Murcia
--John Myers
--Richard Nichuals
--Robert (Buck) Petrie
--Hollis Lee Plumley
--Shirley Ann Richey
--Young Rucks
--Joe Ryan
Class President 1955
--Ralph Shearl
--Jimmie Helen Shoupe
--Judith Wimberly
--Ray Yeager
--Richard Zanders

--Walter Kent (1980)

--Agnes Adamson (?)
A good person; may she rest in peace.
--Southard Godfrey (2008)
--Edward Kendall (2001)
--Richard Kent (2002)
--William Kline (2008)
AKA Billy Joe
--Donald Olive (2008)

--Charles 'moe' abell Abell (2009)
--Gary Arbeiter (6/21/09)
--Mike Coon (15 feb 1991)
Scuba diving accident.
--Bill Davis (16 March 2002)
Heart attack.
--Donald Estocapio (2005)
--Paul Gleason (May 28, 2006)
Gleason appeared in over 60 movies that included "Die Hard,""Johnny Be Good," and "National Lampoon's Van Wilder." (mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer linked to asbestos)
--Bill Hampton
--Alber 'Skip' Hodges Hodges (1965)
He was killed piloting the Plane on March20, 1965
--William McNeely (March 14, 1998)
--Joel Mittelberg (April 19, 1997)
Too young. Too soon.
--Ray L. Patterson (5/16/92)
Died suddenly (heart failure)
--Dave Prevatt (6/9/13)
My Brother, Dave, passed away today in Tallahassee. He was a great athlete, had a wonderful sense of humor and loved his family and friends. He was always a proud Pioneer and would speak of growing up in North Miami with great fondness for his friends and the community.
--George Rowe (2009)
George passed away May 16, 2009 (lung cancer) at his beachfront home in Fernandina Beach, FL, surrounded by his daughter and over 20 friends who made it there in time to say goodbye.
--Ronald L. Thompson (2/7/02)
(Colorectal Cancer)

1958 "Snowbird"
--Nancy Mosher (2000)
Nancy passed in 2000. She had a double lung transplant in 1987 and had l3 good years. She was a snowbird attending W.J. Bryan and Edward L Contance... Jan thru March every year.

1958 or 1959
--Arlene Tasman (1984 )
My brilliant, gorgeous, wonderful cousin, wife of Harvey & Mom of Brooke & Jennifer, lost a very long & corageous battle with cancer. Always in our hearts & thoughts. Your loving cousin, Laurel

--Martin 'Marty' Hines (May 5 2001)
--Wesley McNeely (may 9, 1991)
--Jacob Rudnick (1996)
Jay passed away in Augusta Ga Nov 18,1996 from congestive heart failure

--Vivian Alcalde
--Caroline Alson
--Diana Auriti (June 3, 2013)
I learned of Diana's passing on Facebook. She had cancer. We were majorettes together (I graduated in '61).
--Susan Balaban
--Michael 'Mickey' Barnett (Sept. 8, 2008)
--Joseph Belloise (June 16, 2010)
Pancreatic Cancer
--Nancy Benton
--Victor Blix
--Sharon Blount
--Dianne Bourdon
Died in a plane crash not long after graduation
--Ralph Brigante (1996)
--Delmont 'Monty' Brinson
--Ellen Broudy
--Robert 'Bob' Brush
--Louis Colborn
--Peter Corso
Was former Chief of Police
--Sharon Cotter
--Frank Demolfetto
--Russell Drago
--Richard Dzimiszkiewicz
--Charles Robert Freeman (2007)
Liver cancer
--John Funke
--Carol Glassman
--Robert Gramenz
--Richard Grode
--Richard Hamilton (October, 1984)
Heart attack
--Gloria Hoffman
--Jim Houle
--William Huff
--Edward Humphreys (September 2, 2006)
--Michael Janis (February, 2007)
--Jeremy 'Jerry' Jarvis (July 25, 1967)
Jerry's aircraft was shot down and crashed at a point on the coast of North Vietnam about 10 miles south of Dong Hoi in Quang Binh Province. Major Jarvis USAF was declared Missing in Action. Panel 23E of Viet Nam Veterans' Memorial Wall.
--Robert 'Bob' Jenkins
--Robert Jones
--Eddie Joyce (5/9/2006)
--Jack Kaskin
--William S. Kay (6/06)
--Richard Keeley
--Nancy Kyle
--Randy Lee
--Susan Leff (2001)
Was a wonderful art teacher. Became ill shortly after 40th reunion and died of cancer.
--James Leggio
--Jim Lewis
--Paul R. Liepelt (11/1/02)
--Harold Light
--Kenneth Liroff
Had been an attorney & oral surgeon
--Marie Lisano (2009)
Marie died after a brave and valiant struggle with lung cancer
--Durand Lockleer (3/30/1987)
--Michael 'Mike' LoPiano
--William 'Bill' Macauleay
--Joyce McGee (5/2011)
Her husband died two weeks before she did.
--Patricia Ann Murray (3/3/09)
Parkinson's Disease
--Barry Nadler
Had worked for many years with the FCC. Died of a heart attack.
--Phoebe Nelson
--Lillian Nicosia (1996)
--Russell Norell (12/8/1995)
--Stephen Bentley Norman
--Gerry North
--Kenneth Orlaska (October 14, 2009)
Complications of diabetics and kidney failure
--Gerald Pekel (July, 1999)
--Barry Pesetsky
Never returned from a sailing trip in the Virgin Islands.
--Richard Petty
--Maurice Pierce
--Maurice 'Buddy' Pierce (Feb., 1995)
--Michael A. Posnick (December, 1996)
--Michael Posnick (12/1996)
--Daniel Radcliffe
--John Raymond
--James William Robison (3/2002)
--James Robison (March, 2002)
--Sol Rocklin
--Melvyn Rosenthal (July 1, 1909)
--Merrill Jo Rothwax
--Joyce Linda Rutstein (6/9/08)
Breast Cancer
--Joseph Edward Sahara (10/1965)
--Mario Sanchez
--Robert Sasso
--Ron Schneider
--Roberta Schneider
Breast cancer
--Suzanne Scott
--Tony Senatore
--Charles Severson
--Richard Shackelford
--Patricia Sherman
--Peter Skeados
--Michael Thomas Smith (2/2006)
--Lawrence Elliott Southard (11/21/1994)
--Loraine Stephens
--Lynn Stewart
--Rhonda 'Gail' Sutliffe
Breast cancer
--Scott Suzanne
--Thomas Teasley
--Sybil Versil
--Glenn Warner
--Gary Watson
--Richard Weigle
--Leo Weldgen
--Walter 'Wally' Wheatley
--Ethel White
--Victoria Whitebrook
--John 'Jack' Williams
One of our members of the gymnastics team. Died shortly after graduation after falling off a scaffold doing work on the Miami Jai Alai Fronton
--Louis Winbarg (12/5/2003)
--Harry Young

--Donald Appleton
--Michael Ara (2002)
--Christine Bannack (2006)
--William Billingsley
--Morton Blau
--Susan Boggs (12/05)
--Sue Broaddus
--Nancy Cooper
--Brian Donnally (2011)
He died at the exact time of our classes 50 reunion.
--Brian Donnelly (2011)
--Harry 'Bobby' Heckman
--Keith Hutchinson (2007)
--Norman Jovin (2/4/2012)
sebastion florida
--Adrian Laxson
--Susan Lehrman (2010)
--Kenneth MacKenzie
--Hubert William (Bill) Major II (February 26, 1996)
The love of my life
--Salvatore Mastropaolo (2000)
Lung cancer
--Michael Matchus (1999)
--Sandy Morici (2011)
Sandy died of cancer a short time after attending our 50th Reunion.
--Eileen Nessmith (June 7, 2004)
--Theodore 'Ted' Petras
--Connie Prater (2001)
Brain aneurysm
--Charles Rex
--Jeffery Richards (1961)
--John Sheaks (2001 )
Heart Attack
--Mike Shieks (6/17/2001)
Wittiest in the class of 1961. Mike died from a heart attack.
--Amil Verdi (2010)
After a long bout with dialisis Amile died from Kidney failure with complications sustained from a fall severing his spinal cord. After lingering in traction for several weeks he passed in his sleep.
--Russ Wakefield (1971)

--Michael Barnes
--Judith Baskin
--Paul Beeman (2000)
Paul, who died of cancer, was a great writer and wonderful friend as well as one of the funniest people I ever knew. He had a career in newspapers that concluded at the New York Post where he wrote the all-important tabloid headline: The assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi:SIKHS AND VIOLENCE. A decapitation in a strip joint: HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR. He was also the most stubborn person I knew. Refusing to comply with a court order he thought wrong, he spent eleven days short of three years in a Georgia jail. It took the ACLU and the Georgia Supreme court to get him out. We all miss him.
--Richard 'Dick' Berman (June 2009)
Cancer took another wonderful husband, father, grandfather and friend. He is greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.
--Paul Berman
--Robert [Sherril] Burgamy
--Steve Dashiff
Drouned late 1960s.
--Brverly Davis (1963)
Auto Accident
--Elaine Dunn
--Harry Eisen
--Ailene Gaines
--Fred Grothman
--Don Hansill (2011)
--Roy Hartley (1994)
Married Mary Lipsoomb
--Richard Headley (2011)
Had been severely ill and died soon after being released from the hospital - liver.
--Roberta Herbert (1973)
Murdered NYC
--David Kelker
--Dorothy Kempner
--Edward Kirkland (3/17/2001)
Ed was the twin brother of Larry Kirkland. Ed passed away after a hard fought bout with Lung Cancer.
--Gayle Klotz
Auto Accident in Calif.
--Charles Leonard (1974)
He had leukemia which came on fast and died May 18, 1974.
--Robert Linde
--Ingrid Lindquest
--Cheryl McGary (May 7, 2003)
Sgt. Cheryl Elaine McGary Faucette, retired Alachua sheriff deputy, Gainesville, Florida died due to complications from a massive heart attack three years ago. She was 61 years of age.Cheryl was the first “Officer Friendly” in Alachua County schools
--John Moore (1982)
--Caryl Norton
--Kenneth Osborn Jr.
--William Osborne
--Rose Papale
--Robert Phebus (2007)
passed away after long bout with leukemia
--John Romanelli
--Ronnie Rudnick
--Joan Siesholtz (September 28, 2009)
--Clifford Stewart
--Mary Stratigos (1999)
Long battle with cancer.One of the sweetest people you will ever meet.
--Mary Stratigos Stratigos (Nov. 1999)
Long battle with cancer
--Robert Sullivan
--Cathy Surdevant (1962)
Auto Accident
--Boyd 'Pete' Tate (2009)
--Eugene Tolomeo
--Danny Vickers (??)

1962 graduate
--Philip Roth (1982)
Passed away due to cancer at age 38

--Matt Vilbas (1965)
Submarine Service Veteran. Died from Cancer.

--Prisicella Barnes (2000)
Friends forever
--Sid Bernstein
Died in plane crash in Dallas. Was married to Donna Rouse(sp?), class of 63 or 64
--Judy Cole
--William Kenneth Gerber (2000)
--Frank Goodridge (2012)
--Dale Hanson (2007)
Passed Away From Complications Of Auto Accident...Member Of FFA. Miami Real Estate Broker.. Father Of Three..
--Gene Hill (0ct, 27, 2007)
He died after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was the father of three, Bryna and Deidra are his daughters with first wife, Diane Pray and Tim who died before his father, was his son with second wife, Bonnie Curran. He worked, before his illness for Bell South Phone Company since 1967 and worked for and with many in Miami-Dade Co. He was a colorful character and to each who knew him that will mean something different but perhaps memorable.
--Steven Inglis (1997)
Sudden heart attack
--Jack LaMotta (1968)
One newspaper article says he died from appendicitis while driving in Europe with his father Jake LaMotta, another says he died of Liver Cancer.
--William McDonnell (2013)
Bill died of lung cancer. He was joking and at peace up till the end
--Robert Newman (2009)
A dear friend, will be missed, passed away from lung cancer wife sande passed away 8 months prior from lung cancer.
--Ron Olafson (1996)
--Michael Retchin (2011)
Sweet, sensitive, good man
--Ron Sarron
Played baseball for North Miami, died from long battle with MS
--Gloria Schofield (May 1985)
My best friend
--Diana Scola
--Don Shaffer (??)
Part of "The Gang" of friends, Linda Casbarro, Laura Tyson, Laura Camp, Carol Shea, Ronnie Jones, Pete Volpitta, Harry Jackson, Diane Coulter, Patti Albasi, Gary Atwood....
--Neil Sullivan (??)
Part of "The Gang" of friends, Linda Casbarro, Laura Tyson, Laura Camp, Carol Shea, Ronnie Jones, Pete Volpitta, Harry Jackson, Diane Coulter, Patti Albasi, Gary Atwood....
--Marvin Leonard Taylor (2003)
--Karen Tremsky (1997)
a good friend until her death
--Pete Volpitta (???)
Part of "The Gang" of friends, Linda Casbarro, Laura Tyson, Laura Camp, Carol Shea, Ronnie Jones, Pete Volpitta, Harry Jackson, Diane Coulter, Patti Albasi, Gary Atwood....
--Carolynn Ann Washbon (Feb. 8, 1997)
Carolynn graduated from George Washington University in DC and taught in the Rockville public schools. She earned a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the U. of Maryland and taught at the U. of Tenn. and U. of Mass-Lowell. She was diagnosed with early onset breast cancer in her 40s and died at age 51. In the last two years of her life she returned to her greatest passions, history and teaching. While battling for her life, she helped to establish a library in Cocoa, FL for the extensive collections of the Florida Historical Society, co-authored an oral history of cattle farming in FL, and developed and offered local history programs in the Cocoa area.
--Aime Woods (Oct 2012)
Brain Cancer

--Barbara Barcia (2013)
--Daniel Beall
--Jay Berger
--Norman Borghi
--Dalton Cathey
--Tommy Charles (2008)
Died after a long battle with prostate cancer. Survived by his wife (and high school sweetheart), Gloria. Was the father of 3 children.
--Thomas Civello
--Barry Cooley (1977)
--Roger Croswell
--Stephen J. Danna (2010)
Loving father of four sons,Stephen Jr,Vincent,Peter,and Christopher.Husband of 42 years to Donna M.Danna.Vietnam vet,longtime employer in the Miami produce market,ten year resident of Maine/New Hampshire and finally Fort Pierce Fla where his life ended after a long battle with COPD.
--John DeLeonardi (Nov 2012)
Cancer, RIP John
--Rory Dosh
--Kenneth Elkiss
--Terry Eno
--George Fairchild
--Sandra Fisher
--Robert Fluhr
--Richard Galgano
--Jan Goddard (2008)
--Rose Haas
--Diana Hernandez
--Linda Kay Hinshaw
--William Hodges
--William Hodges Hodges (1965)
He was killed in plane crash on March 20, 1965
--Carol Hunt
--Peter Hurlock
--Mary J. Jeffries (1987)
--Kristine Johnson
--Gary Kay (2003)
Gary was killed while doing what he loved, riding his Harley, when a vehicle ran a stop sign and struck him in Lakeland, Florida.
--Richard Klicpera
--Richard Koble
--Marjorie Kushner
--Jacob LaMotta
--Gunnar Lunden
--William Maloney
--Richard Melich
--David Norman
--Ann Papke
--Carol Phillips
--Mary Procise (2012)
After a brief fight with Lymphoma. RIP Mar
--Lee Edward Rosenwasser (1966)
Killed in Viet Nam..gunner and crew chief on helicopter shot down in South China Sea
--Ronald Russell (12/22/2005)
Died homeless in the streets of Orlando, FL. But was in dentistry at one time.
--Tom Sheehan (1995 (approx))
--Libby (Elizabeth) Southard (2006)

--Bob Abele (2004)
--Avron Alberts (June 2010)
--Lenny Albury (2004)
--Jim Bennett (1997)
--Mike Bouchard (1996)
--Fred Brooks (1999)
--Laura Burger (1987)
--Larry Burke (2007)
--Andy Callas (1981)
--Diane Cartus (1987)
--Rosemary Concannon
--Richard Constable (2004)
--Holly Delet-Kanic (1990)
--Bert Dowling (1983)
--Terri Farr
--Loraine Faugno (2001)
--Greg Gaugler
--Steve Gledhill (2005)
--Peggy Goss
--Janice Gould (Nov 2008)
--Linda Graziano
--Linda Gurlacz (1999)
--Doreen Haas
--Claudea Hardee
--Bruce Hatfield (2006)
--James Hayes (1969)
Helicopter pilot, KIA December 1969,laid to rest Dec.22,1969 in Miami. A great kid and brave soldier.
--Anthony Higbee
--Barry Holloway (2005)
--Lyndon Holtzclaw (Nov. 16th, 2013)
Died at home of lung cancer in Olney, Texas, age 66.
--Alan Horn (2006)
--Kathy Ingalls
--Janice Jones (2003)
Pased away from cancer after a long fight
--Stew Kaufman (1986)
--Bobbi Kaufman (1988)
--Mike Kimes (2001)
--Steve Lappin (2005)
--Lynn Larson (1984)
--John Larson (2003)
--Lynne Larson (1976)
--Guy Levesque (1979)
--Eli Light
--Neal Lipman (1985)
--Gerard (Jerry) Lotito (2003)
Class of 1965, longtime varsity football and basketball coach.
--Jerry Lottito (2003)
beloved teacher & coach at N.Miami Sr.
--James Lynn (1999)
--Edward Lyons (1987)
auto accident
--Anthony Makela
--Janet Mc Farland (1980)
Automobile accident. Janet was in Honor Guard and many remember her radiant beauty. She graduated with honors from the University of South Florida and has a beautiful Daughter, Melissa who is a Nurse Practioner and living in Columbia,S.C.
--John Pug McCollum
--Janet McFarland (1985)
--John McNicol (1981)
plane crash
--Doreen Moss
--Noel Novinson
--Herbie Prescott (1976)
--Linda Romano
--Clifford Sander (1973)
--Madlyn Seidle (2002)
Died after a courageous fight against cancer.
--Wayne Shoemaker (2007)
--Ed Staffire
--John Vincent (1996)
--Robert Ward (1974)
--Joy Washburn (1988)
--Gary Washenik (1967)
Passed away in Viet Nam
--Jim Watson (12/25/07)
--Jackie Weintraub

--Gabriel Arpaia
--Daren Baird (Dec 2008)
She was a brave woman, a great trucker died in a trucking accident
--Lynn E. Ball
--Carol Ann Bergen (Feb 18, 2005)
--Fred Sanchez Bowlan (Sept 7, 1993)
--Linda Louise Brooks
--Charles Brosius (October 1974)
--James 'Jimmy' Chapman (Oct 7, 2010)
died of a stroke
--Thomas Clifton (June 25, 2006)
--Barry Lochrane Connors (July 19, 2003)
--Linda Dashiff
--Sergio Joseph Dela Guera (March 10, 2004)
--Joseph 'Jodie' John DeRosa (March 2, 2000)
--Harold T Donnelly (Jan 21, 2003)
--Tommy Dorris (Aug 14, 2010)
Died of Cancer
--Bert Dowling (March 1983)
--Dean Drury
--George Edward Dyal (Feb 21, 1999)
--William “Bill” Eans
--Marcia Edwards (2011 ?)
--Doris Mae Epstein (May 21, 2001)
--William “Bill” Evans
--Peter Fried
--Domenic Giandomenico (April 1975)
--Loretta E Glaser (Sept 1996)
--Joseph Michael Gunnen
--Roy Hanford (April 14, 2002)
--Linda Jean Hawthorne (March 25, 2005)
--Wayne Hoffmann (2012)
--David Holding (June 1979)
--John Holland (October 1977)
--Sandra Hoskinson (May 10, 2004)
--Robert Hunter (2010)
--Janice JOnes (May 23, 2004)
--Bruce M. Lauer (2011)
Received PhD in Physics from University of Chicago in 1987.
--Joseph Lesyea (May 1985)
--William Loggins (February 1996)
--Allan Marmer (think it was 2005)
--John Martin
--Nancy Grace Massa (April 29, 1007)
--James Mayer
--Sherry Ann McFarland (March 3, 1990)
--Jeanne Moore (July 6 2011)
Died of Cancer
--Kathy Morrison (2011)
--Bob Moss (Aug 2010)
Died of Cancer
--Ricky Myers
--Herbert Prescott (June 1976)
--Andrew Rabcsak
--Guy Ragone (December 10, 1995)
--Robert Donald ( Bob ) Robinson (2008)
--Lynne ‘Linda’ Diane Rodriquez (February 19,2005)
--Linda Romano
passed away from brain cancer
--Paul William Roper
--Janice Dale Sampson (April 28,1997)
--Anthony John Santangelo (April 16, 2001)
--Robert Schofield (August 1970)
--Montye Servatt (July 8, 1991)
--Ellen Seuss
--Richard Ray Sever (December 23, 1994)
--Marlene Delores Shaw (February 8, 2004)
--Archie St. John (2007)
--Lucy Ann Thompson
--William Tyree (January 1981)
--Dinorah Vandelinder
--John Vincent (November 5, 1996)
--Victoria Ann Widawski Winters Widawski (April 9, 2006)
--Ernie Winston (1968)
KIA 6/6/1968 Viet Nam
--Mike Wodworth (2011)
You will be missed. Suffer no more my friend.
--Rodney Macon Wren II (December 2005)

--Linda Barnard (1990)
--Jim Clark
--Robert Day (2008)
Robert (Bobby) Day, passed away Of Brain Cancer...July 18,2008. In Newpoirt, Tn.
--Ania Gromadzka
--Gary Guise (2011)
--Fred Juech (1968)
Auto Accident
--Mickey Korowsky
Fine pitcher with a great curveball and a great sense of humor. He was a great friend as well.
--John Martin
--Robert Miller (1972)
--Zora Pergyl
--William Schlorb (1968)
Died at home while on leave from the military.
--Nancy Sigler (2012)
Died from alcoholism
--David Michael Withrow (August 28, 2000)

1967 student
--James Shagam (jul 6, 1992)
died of a heart attack. greatly missed by his family.

--Ridgely Abele (December 10, 1009)
Complications from pneumonia
--Bonnie Lynn Austin
Stewardess on United Airlines plane crash
--Jolene Babson
--Hal Victor Barkstrom
--Bruce Betz
--Nancy Bieri
--Harold Henry Branstrator Jr.
--David Brenner
--David Steven Brenner
--John Brigham (April 1968)
Car accident
--John Clemens Brigham (1968)
car accident died along with 2 others.
--Betz Bruce Joseph
--Ron Cadiente (02/11/2012)
Died from a mountain bike accident in Arizona. I knew him because our parents had been lifelong friends. He is survived by his wife Pamela, 5 children and 13 grandchildren and brothers Herb Davis, Carlos Cadiente and Rick Cadiente.
--Ronald Cadiente (Feb 2012)
died in a mountain bike accident, Mesa AZ
--Jennifer Carver
--Bruce Frederick Chaille
--Maryanne Cherry
--Cathy Cole (2009)
--Michael John Criscuolo
--James Ralph Faith
--Daniel Patrick Flannery (2004)
--Charlie Franklin
--Cheryl Gammon
--Paul James Goldberg
--Rita Marie Gonzalez
--Karl Graf
--Mike Green (April 2008)
--Mike Hammerchmidt (August 20. 2008)
from Coral Gables Police Chief Michael Hammerschmidt, 58, passed away on August 20th after a courageous fight against cancer. He is survived by his wife Wisty; son David and wife Donna; son Mark; grandchildren Ashley, Ethan and William; mother Emma; sisters Rusty and Wanda; and nephew Salvatore. "Mike was the ultimate law enforcement professional, an outstanding administrator, and most of all, a great human being. His knowledge and skills will leave a lasting impact on this City for decades to come. He will be sorely missed," said Coral Gables City Manager David L. Brown. Michael L. Hammerschmidt was sworn in as Police Chief of the City of Coral Gables in 2004, taking the helm of an accredited Police Department that serves a community of more than 44,000 residents. He was widely respected by the department's officers and non-sworn employees and by the community at large for his professionalism and leadership. During his tenure, Chief Hammerschmidt was best known in the law enforcement community for his innovative approaches to providing police services. With a combination of strategic operations and community programs he was able to effectively reduce crime in the City of Coral Gables. Among those strategies was the redeployment of officers to better patrol the neighborhoods, increased police service in the downtown business area and upgrading of the 9-1-1 Communications Center. Prior to taking the helm of the Coral Gables Police Department, he was a 32-year veteran of the Miami-Dade Police Department, where he retired at the rank of Major. He held a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Vanderbilt University and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Miami. Additionally, Chief Hammerschmidt was a graduate of the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville and was an active Executive Board Member of the Miami-Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police at the time of his passing.
--John Robbie Hough
--Audrey Inglis (October 08)
--Michael Glenn Johnson
--Edward J. Kipping
--Edward Kipping (2004)
--James Mahoney
--Anthony Manfra
--George Franklin McDougall
--Janet Walda McDowell
--Deborah J. Merkel
--Brad Meyerdierks (08/16/12)
--Brien Tobias Michael
His correct name is Tobias Michael Brien. His last name is Brien. Thanks
--Michael Mills (1982/August)
Died as a result of injuries from Vietnam
--Joel Mittelberg (1997)
--Michael Lee O'Brien
--Vincent Oliveri (2007)
--Marie Palm
--Marietta Papos
--James Pursell
--Robert John Randall
--Robert Randall (May 23, 1969)
Killed in action, South Vietnam
--Ann Sands
--Kenneth Schaumberger
--Phillip Seidle
--Garry Singleton
--Ronald Smith
--Jane Spelton (2005)
--Robert Spinelli
--Bill Sprinkle (2008)
--Linda Steward
--Michael Patch Stewart
--Linda Stewart (2006)
died of cancer her brother
--Stephen K. Suchonic
--Raymond Suchy (2007)
--Meinhard Tamm
--Paula Eileen Tarallo
--Brien Tobias Michael
--Eva Van Anden (2001)
--Karen Vogel (02/10/2012)
Karen was a beautiful person...always smiling...always laughing. Survived by her mother Betty, sisters Linda and Sandy, her two daughters as well as several grandchildren.
--Richard Carlton Wade
--Joseph Wood

--Dennis All (Oct. 18, 2003)
--Dennis Allday
--Robert Arancio (1997)
--Susan Barton (2009)
--Kaye Bellamy (2003)
--Barry Benson (1998)
--Alton Coffey (November 2006)
--Joseph (Joe) Croft (December 2011)
Joe died at his home in Miami of a heart attack.
--Robert Freda (14 Sep 1970 )
Robert Freda, Was born in New Jersey and moved to Miami with his family. After graduating he was drafted and left for Vietnam where he was killed. If any one has any photos of Robert please e-mail me @ I am his cousin do work on the family tree..
--Elliott Kofoed (1977)
President of the Student Council, Class of 69 Swim Team Iconoclast and Prankster Extraordinaire Beloved friend.
--Peter Marinello (2004)
Kind heart, generous spirit, infectious laugh. Peter is sorely missed
--Pat McGowan (1997)
--Kenneth Mitchell (4/19/2008)
Ken became a CPA in la ca died on the death road biking in Bolivia South America more info
--Robert Pirie (1973)
Always in Loving Light
--Bob Pirie (1973)
Beloved, in the Light and Love of God forever more
--Christine Ann Rief (October 9, 2011)
--Christine Rief (2012)
--Don Williams ( 2001/2002?)
Don was a great artist and great friend. We met in first grade at Biscayne Gardens Elementary. He truly was the best artist I've ever known and could draw anything just like a picture. May God bless always..your friend always...Jeff
--Pamela Yavonne (1996?)
Battled cancer for several years.

1969 or 1970
--Mary Anne Engels (2010)
Died from leukemia.

--Marc Beckerman
--Allen Brice (1969)
--John Florio (1971)
John was killed in a car accident in Athens,Ga in March 1971. Coach Sullivan said John was the toughest football player he ever coached.
--Heather Moriber
Auto Accident
--RICK SURLES (2005)
--Brian Wren (1971)
--Paue Zwerin (1967)
A true genius, died over a simple argument with a girl friend- 50 years later the world feels the waste.
--Paul Zwerin (1970)
Paul had an incredible intellect- our 9th grade science teacher would step aside and let Paul teach the class-he knew who was smarter

--Scott Barr (1990)
A great friend.
--Cynthia Delaguera (2010)
One of the sweetest, kindest people I've ever known. Brought a smile to everyone around her. Her untimely death touched more people than she will ever know. You are missed, dear Cyn. Streets
--Leah Edney (December 8, 2010)
Leah passed away after a ten year battle with early dementia. She died on the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death, which would have made her smile. He was her favorite Beatle. Diane Edney
--Janet Ehrhorn Gardner (2009)
excerpt from Redmond Reporter... Alcott Elementary teacher loses battle with cancer Feb 19 2009 Jan Gardner, who was a teacher in the Lake Washington School District and a resident of Sammamish, passed away on Feb. 6, after a heroic, six-and-a-half-year battle with cancer. She was 55. Jan was born in Miami, Florida on Jan. 5, 1954 to Fred and Emily Ehrhorn. After graduating from North Miami High School, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education from Florida Atlantic University in June 1976, graduating Phi Kappa Phi. In addition to her husband, Chris, she is survived by her daughters Jennifer and Amber (Baker), her mother Emily Ehrhorn, her sister Barbara (Byerley) and her cats Smokey and Chemo.
--Marlene Jaro (Sept. 21, 2012)
Distinguished cardiologist in Baltimore Md. Will be remembered for her sweet smile.
--Alicia Kennedy (2009)
Alicia Kennedy Feisthammel FEISTHAMMEL, ALICIA KENNEDY, 56, of North Miami passed away on August 28. Alicia is survived by her husband of 33 years, Rick, their two loving children; Georgann "G.G." (Jeremy) Kimes, of Miami and Joseph "J.R." (Katie) Feisthammel of Oviedo, and her two grandchildren. She is also survived by her parents Robert and Clare Kennedy, and Sister Clare Bebber of Mount Dora, FL. Alicia recently retired from the F.B.I. after serving 36 years in the Miami Office. Alicia will be missed by all who adored her. To visit this Guest Book Online, go to
--Larry Larry Clark (December 2010)
He lived 3 blocks from the school across from the Blue Royal Bar. I had talked to him a month before I heard he had passed and no one listed his death (Miami Hearld, Miami Times or Google). He was a good friend for many years.
--Jim Macdonald (2001)
Jim passed on New Years Eve 2001. "What is the force that binds the stars? What moves the earth around the sun? You were my compass were my measure..." (Sting)
--Richard allen Powell (2007)

--Carlos Alvarez Alvarez (2010)
A great athlete, Teacher, Coach ,Lawyer and person. He will always be remembered.
--Ralph Fagan
--Patricia Fortini (2002)
Died in Sacramento, CA
--Melinda Harwell (1999)
Asheville, NC
--Larry Levin (2001)
Just sad.

--Betty Anne Donahay (1975 (not sure))
not sure of exact year but it was within a few years of graduation. Daughter of Mrs. Donahay who worked in the office ant NMHS.
--Debbie Johnson
She was my big sister in Preps! She was killed by a hit and run driver while jogging on July 30, 1983.
--Colleen Kramer (2005)
--Carrie Sigler (1996)
Cancer. Has one daughter, Margo
--Kevin Zahler (2012)

--Terrance Feisthammel (July 13, 1999)
FEISTHAMMEL - Terrance " Terry" L., 42, of Pembroke Pines died Tuesday July 13, 1999. A resident of South Florida for many years, Terry was a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation assigned to the Miami office. He is survived by his wife; Grisel, son; Justin, daughter; Griselle -Michelle, mother; Charlotte Feisthammel, brothers; Jerry and Ricky Feisthammel, sisters; Starling Bennett and Roxanne Johnston and a host of other family and friends. "Bones on the Beach" dedicated to Terry, father, gusband and crime fighter. He is truly missed.
--Rick Koegel (1996)
our tumbling pioneer
--John Martino (1986)
--Jan Rosenthal (2010)
Jan was a brilliant neurologist who practiced in Upland California and passed away in 2010 after a courageous battle with Ulcerative Colitis.

--Keith Gainer (2011)
Keith passed away 6/4/2011 from a massive stroke. Keith was a 6 time tennis champion at San Souci, and a minor league pitcher in the New York Penn league.

1975 student
--Keith Gainer (2011)
Keith passed away 6/4/2011 and will truly be missed.

--Teri Anca (2010)
Teri died suddenly of a hear attack at age 52. She was a cheerleader and a very beautiful girl.
--David (crockett) Anderson (2010)
--Mary Elizabeth Chansen (5, July 2003)
Born June 13, 1958, in Miami Beach, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth "Chansen" Richards, formerly of Miami, had been a resident of Okeechobee since 1991. She was a member of the Church of Christ in Fort Pierce. She had a love for animals, particularly horses, sheep and goats. Survivors include her husband of 24 years, Gary Richards of Okeechobee; one daughter, Jennifer Michelle Richards of Okeechobee; her father, Alfred Chansen of Pompano Beach; her mother, Rita Chansen of Fort Myers; two brothers, Alfred (Ramah) Chansen, II of Flower Mound, Texas and Charles Chansen of Pompano Beach; and one sister, Susan Oster of North Carolina also survives her.
--Richard Cramer (?)
--Rhett Hough
--Darrell Jones (2006)
--Russel Mitchell (2003)
--Rona Nolan (5/13/2011)
You will be missed!
--David anderson North miami high (2010)
--Bill Pirie (1978?)
--William Pirie (1981)
Beloved, in the Light and Love of God forever more
--William (Bill) Pirie (1981)
Love and Light always.
--Russell Ryals
--Kim Saheim (Late 80's)
My childhood friend. Drowning
--John Sobeck
Beloved Son to Thomas J. Sobeck & Elaine Sobeck and brother to Mike Sobeck, Cathy Sobeck, Mary Sobeck Walker, Joseph Sobeck & Kristina Sobeck Ashby. Make evry moment in life count cause you can be called home at any time.
--Spencer Thom (11/2010)
Spencer passed away after a long battle with a disease. A musican and father.
--Dwight 'Ike' West (1976)
Ike died doing what he loved, playing basketball for a group of scouts, hoping to earn a scholarship.
--Robert Zamanski (2013)
Lived in North Miami on 145st and 7 th ave. Robert is survived by his sister donna zamanski, they both went to holy family school and then finished school at north miami high school. Robert was a fine person, had an air conditioning business and was living in cape coral on west coast at time of his death.

--Clay Carpenter (2006 ?)
--Charles Clay Carpenter (July 20, 2008)
His friends and family new him as Clay Carpenter. He died after a long battle with cancer. He is survived by his Wife Dawn, Daughter Heather, Parents Charles and Nancy, Brothers Michael, Chris, and Daniel
--Terry Williams (aprox 1995 or96)
Daughter got chicken pox and then he did too. A very nice guy

--William H Odem (1982)
Faithful to those he loved

--Cindy Limpach (March 2004)
Lost her battle with cancer. Was married and living in Chicago operating a gymnastics center. Sweet & beautiful and loved NMSH.
--Michael Mugler (2008)
--Ron Parham (199 or 1990)
Died of meningitis in the hospital. He was my best friend for many years and I miss him terribly. He thought he just had the flu and didn't get to the hospital in time for the antibiotics to work.
--Dale Peck (1979)
During the early 1980s, the annual student-vs.-faculty basketball game was named in his memory.
--Anita Terpak (1995)

--Judy Dimler (1998)

--John Chang (December 12, 2002)
--Cindy Martin (2001)

--Tanya Martin Pekel (2006)
Duke law graduate and Chief of Staff Minnesota Schools
--Kelly Tyree (1993)
Kelly was a great athlete while at NMSH & loved by many- leaves behind wife (Gina Graham Tyree '84 & daughter Chelsea Danielle Tyree who was born 8/15/90.

--Robert Back (1999)
--Baron Czellar (1992)
--Danny Deso (1997)
--Bruce Fowler (2009)
--Robert Fuchs (2012)
You will be missed by all RIP-ROB
--Brian Glendenning (1993)
--Gary Harman (1990)
--Annetta Morrell (May 12, 1988)
Killed in an automobile accident in Fort Myers, Florida.
--Robert New (2001)
Died in a plane crash near Aspen, Colorado.
--Holly Rockerman (1981)
Died in automobile accident December 1981. Considered part of the Class of 1983.
--Marvin Scarlett (2007)
Auto Accident
--Robert Schwartz (2003)
--Christopher Slaughter (1998)
--Kenneth Van Doren (2003)
--Ken Van Doren (2003)
Ken was a good friend with a sharp mind and acerbic sense of humor. His passing came as a shock and I am heartbroken that I will never get a chance to talk to him again. R.I.P. Ken.

--George Tessier (July 14, 2004)
Died in the line of duty while a City of New Orleans police officer.

--Milka Mirkovic (maybe 1990 or 1991)
uncertain of year or date of death

--Marlin Barnes (1996)
R.I.P our Great friend. You were well on the way to achieveing your life long dream of becoming a great Football player when tragedy took you away from us. You are greatly missed my friend.


--Eduardo Milanes (Nov or Dec. 2010)
Passed away from complications after surgery. You'll be miss.

--Benny Louidor (2004-2005?)
--Cidney bryan Pata (2006)
he was about to be signed to the NFL and his life was taken too soon RIP from a real friend

--Reginald Moreau (2011)
Reginald died in a motorcycle accident on october 22, 2011. He will be greatly missed by all his friends and family.

2007/english teacher
--Wayne Shleghel (may 17 2007)
he was a great teacher and great person who just had his 9th heart attack that killed him on the afternoon of may 17th.found near his two dogs in his kitchen....wayne will be missed....

--Charles Brown (12/09)

--Ashley Chow (01/03/2011)
She was a beautiful girl. Smart and had great plans for herself.

68 or69
--Ernie Van delinder (1982)

Assistant Principal
--Paul Duncan (1995)

Class of 1966
--Bobby (Robert) Luksa (1973)
Our wonderful brother, died of cancer. Married his high school sweetheart, Kathy Muth. He loved surfing, boating and his family. His two sisters, Margaret A. Luksa Lowman (1961) and Cecelia Luksa Hartney (1963) still miss him dearly!
--Jeanie Moore (07/06/2011)
Passed away, caused by cancer, we were together for 47 wonderful years, we fell in love on our first date. Gene Downs, surviving husband, Class of 1965

Office Secretary
--Florence Larson (January 2002)

--Dale Boggy (February 14, 2003)
Principal from 1964-1975.
--Nicholas H. Borota
Fifth principal of North Miami Senior High 1978-1984.
--Leonard Glazer
Sixth principal of North Miami Senior High.
--John C. McGuire
--Wilfred E. Rice
Second principal of North Miami Senior High.

--Robert Sam (2010)
r.i.p big bear gone but never forgotten

--Agnes Aspinall (5/6/2001)
--Fred Basnett
--Kurland Bernard (January 10, 2005)
--Red Bogart
Head football coach during the 60's
--Emma Brown (June 28, 1993)
Office Secretary
--Charles Brown (12/3/09)
Mr.Charles Brown, an American Government teacher, was stabbed to death on Thursday December 4, 2009. He will be miss. R.I.P CB
--Ward Burgress (January 13, 2004)
--Florence Cadwallader
--Howard Cohen (mid 80's)
--C.T. Cornell (?)
--R. Watson Dutton
Mr. Dutton was the Chior Director for many years and the composer of our Alma Mater.
--Kathryn Foregger (May 25, 2004)
Office Secretary
--Pauline Fortney
--Jan Grayson (December 1996)
English - Reading Teacher
--Elisabeth Hinshaw
Cooperative Business Education (CBE) teacher for many years. Mother of Linda Kay Hinshaw (Class of 1964).
--Nina Ketzle (3/25/05)
--Robert Lippman (2003)
--Ruth Lowe
English Teacher
--Ida Myers (September 18, 1988)
Assistant Principal of Attendance
--Virginia Pomeroy (3/1986)
--Sol Rabinowitz
--Perry Sistrunk (2004)
Agriculture teacher at North Miami Senior High for many years. Died in Ocala, Florida. Audrey, his wife, preceeded him in death. Surving are two daughters, Frances and Bonnie.
--Jane Stein (1983)
Died of cancer. Outstanding senior English student award named in her memory in the 1980s.
--Sandra Steinberg (March 2003)
Spanish teacher; dear friend
--Laverne Suchy (July 1981)
Office Secretary
--Howard Wimmers (2005)
WIMMERS, HOWARD L., 72, died February 12, 2005 in Fort Myers, FL. Howard was a longtime resident of Miami before moving to Ft. Myers in 2002. He attended Miami Edison Sr. High School and he graduated from the University of Miami. Howard was an ardent supporter of the university's sports programs. Howard taught for many years at North Miami High School, he was a Founding Faculty member of Miami's New World School of the Arts where he taught until his retirement in 1997. He is survived by his darling wife, Barbara; brothers, Bernie and Edwin and sister, Fayetta Brown; step-children, Toni, Sally and Chip. Memorials may be made in Howard's name to Hope Hospice, 2430 Diplomat Parkway East, Cape Coral, Florida 33909. To visit this Guest Book Online, go to Published in The Miami Herald on 2/16/2005.
--Lucille Wingerd
English Teacher
--Robert Zellers (April 29, 2005)

Teachers wife
--Mary Dutton (8/9/2005)
[Aunt] Mary Dutton was the wife of Mr R.W. Dutton long time Chior Director composer of our Alma Mater.

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