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North Miami Senior High - Directory

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Directory Sorted by Last Name

Date Range
Before 1950 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s < 1990s > 2000s Other

Name Current NameLocation


Delouie Avant
James Frazier
James Frazier
Lori Flaste (Lori Smith)
Michael Dino (Michael Dino) Washington DC
Michelle Picchi
Quincy James
Vincent Colonel


April Moyd April Williams olympia wa
Carol Morgan
Chandra McKenney (Chandra McKenney) FL
Dawn Carter (Dawn Morales) fort myers beach fl
Deanna Hipkins (Deanna McCumber)
Elizabeth Layman (Elizabeth Eichelberger) Dunnellon FL
Karin Davila FL
Kelli Brooks (Kelli Jacobs)
Michael Schock
Monique Mathis (Monique Caliste)
Pamela Simmons
Roy Flores
Sandra Williams (Sandra Marquardt)
Shawndricka Dixon (Shawndricka Dixon-Martin)


Aimee Oliver (Aimee Hendrickson) Ga
Andrew Sheran
Billy Rispoli Orlando fl
David Campbell
Jamila Tahir (Jamila ghaf)
Maria Vanessa Torres (Maria Vanessa Henneveld) St. Georges, Grenada W.I.
Michele Lee
Monique Baker (Monique Baker)
Natacha Etienne (Natacha Etienne-Lubrun)
Nikesha Stephenson (Nikesha Thomas)


Bernardee Warburton pembroke park fl
Catherine Barrett (Catherine Lockett)
Jennease Thompson


Darren Duvall Odenville Al
Monique Celestin (Monique Celestin) fl
Roberto Saillant Miami FL


Holly Seymour
Jessica Anderson (Jessica Austin)
Mary Dalpe (Mary Dalphe) Pooler Ge
Ramsey Etienne
Terrill Moyd


Andre Daley (Andre daley)
Kerline J (Kerline j)
Kermyonne Jean (Kermyonne jean)


Jason McKenzie
Jeniffer Weir
Jennifer Paz (Jennifer Jones) Davenport Fl
Jimmie Pierre
Verrica Whack (Verrica Payton) Aventura fl


Krystle Nagee
Lucy Bernath (Lucy Athis) Miami FL
Madina ***** (Madina m)
Maria Sanclemente (Maria Landsman)
Nahum Jaboin (Nahum jaboin) miami FL


Alain Saintvil
Alberta Nelson
Alethia Simmonds
Eddy Oscar
Mike Dauphin (Mike Dauphin)
Reeco James (Reeco James)

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