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Lynn Vega Pierce (Pierce)
Year: (1962)

Updated: 6/23/2014
Last Visit: 6/23/2014

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13725 Summerport Village Pkwy
Windermere, FL  34786
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Things I've been doing lately:
I moved back to FL (Orlando area) in 2006 and love being back here. Have been catching up with classmates and it is so amazing that we can just pick up like 1962 was last week! Can't wait for the 50th reunion. It WILL go on - just not by First Class Reunions your former cllasmates are putting it together!
My family:
My brother Kerry ('69) lives outside Charlotte and has three grown children. My sister Karen (72) is in the Atlanta area. She too has three grown children. Interestingly enough - at her last reunion she met up with the man whom she had known since 3rd grade and they are now married! (She divorced the man she was married to at the time). My youngest sister Shelley passed away last August. I have three children, and eight grandchildren ranging in age from 16-2. Three live in CO with my oldest son, three are in Grapevine, TX with my middle son, and the two youngest ones are here in Orlando with my daughter.
Life experiences:
I would have to say having and raising my children. They were (and are) the center of my life. They are adults now but they are close to each other and to me.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
The beach, Marcella's after football games, dances at the Armory, "hurricane" parties are among my favorite memories.
My favorite things now:
I am totally involved with crafts of all kinds. I'm doing a lot of sewing, and writing articles for online websites. I also freelance for a local bi-weekly newspaper.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Movies - Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, Chicago, Evita, Dead Poet society. Music - 50's - 80's. I really don't count "rap" as music! Books - Ludlum, Siddons, Patterson,
I work at:
Here at home
My website:

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