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Jacqueline Cook
Year: (1980)

Updated: 5/2/2011
Last Visit: 5/2/2011

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Things I've been doing lately:
Children are my life and my heaet, next to God that is. I have been educating young people in many capacities. From early childhood educator to youth directors to adoptingmentoring young one in anyway I can, positivly.
My family:
Well I have not been bleesed yet with my soul mate and I have I daughter I adopted as a baby. She is now a beautiful young lady!
Life experiences:
My greatest life experience was the day that got saved!!! The next greatest would be my week I spent in Alcapoco, New Mexico
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
My life was a mess when I was in high school. I think my favorite memories of the "good ole days" would be some of the people, fellow students (Russel Eli, William Polk & Terri Stanley to name a few) as well as teacher (Mr. Burnes. Mrs. Johnson, Mrs Nealy, Mr. Alison to name a few).
My favorite things now:
Affordable: read, Sing, sit in the park and enjoy nature. Things that require some savings: Traveling, Shopping and helping people.
My favorite books, movies and music:
My favorite movies are comedies, music is Gospel and Jazz books are spiritual or helping ones!!!
I work at:
at a department store.
My website:

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