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Linda Clayton (Bounds)
Year: (1964)

Updated: 10/30/2013
Last Visit: 11/2/2013

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6214 Founding Drive
Katy,, TX  77449-4259
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Things I've been doing lately:
Well, as all you baby boomers know, we are 65 and has that caught up with me. Yes, I am all gray, but I dye my hair brown makes me look younger at Walt Disney World. I am a kidney dialysis patient and have had my share of real close calls in the past 2 years. I was a Medical Secretary for Naval Doctors in Guam and an Administrative Secretary for The Provost Marshall's Office and Navy Family Housing in Oahu. In 1990 we moved to Santa Ana,CA and I worked as a Medical Secretary for a Medical Utilization Review Company..In 2001 I worked for Human Resources in Orange County, CA. medically retired in 2002.
My family:
I live in Katy, Texas with my husband Bobby of 46 years, he retired from the Navy after 30 years in 1990 and went to work for Martin-Marietta for 12 years in Santa Ana, Ca. We have 4 children Diana 45, Lisa 43, Bobby Jr. 40, and Krystina 27. We have 5 grandsons Diana's boys Kakoa 24, Kekai 22, Bobby Jr.'s son Trevor 17 (straight A student in 12th grade in Iowa, he visits every summer), and Krystina's son Nathan 5, and Bobby Jr.'s 1 year old Sebastian. All our children are home with us along with 2 grandsons. We are Disney Vacation Club Members since 2000 and go at least once a year (going 2nd week of June this year for our first Disney Cruise).
Life experiences:
I was a Navy Ombudsman for several of the commands my husband was in (helped dependents with a wide variety of situations). Was involved in getting Navy Family Service Centers off the ground. We were stationed in Key West, FL, Bainbridge, MD, Newport, RI, Norfolk, VA, Little Creek, VA, Naples, Italy, Guam and Oahu, HI. Love to travel with my daughters (London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Capri, and Austria to mention a few).
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Loved the football games, still love football, GiGi's for pizza and garlic rolls avid fan of the Cowboys and Texans.
My favorite things now:
Play games on my PC, playing with my grandson Nathan. Travel when we can.
My favorite books, movies and music:
My favorite movies are: Taken, 2012, Dance with Me An Officer and a Gentleman, Independence and the oldies ..books: Timeline, Congo, anything by Dean Koontz, Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.
I work at:
Medically Retired
My website:

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