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Robert Brown
Year: (1960)

Updated: 2/26/2017
Last Visit: 10/20/2017

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Saudi Embassy School
Moscow, Russia,   

Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
Home from Moscow and currently residing in PALM SPRINGS. We have set up an apartment and I am now attempting to secure another international teaching job. Sadly, at age 74 I am considered too old to work in many countries, nonetheless, there are still a copse of countries out there that find my age perfectly acceptable, so perhaps I will end up in Burma, or somewhere in a city along the Silk Road in Central Asia.
My family:
My family is comprised of just my wife Nancy, who did not attend N.M.S.H., but instead hails from New Bedford, Mass. I have not contributed to the gene pool because I could never envision myself as a doting, humane, father, willingly embracing the obligations and responsibilities of parenting to the degree required to raise a contributing member of society. Most importantly, the last type of person this world needs is another dimwit like myself. However, I did raise a step-son who holds a PhD from Temple University and is now a senior quality control manager for a pharmaceutical company in New York. And, I put my first wife through the U. of Colorado at Boulder where she earned a BA & MA in English. She now writes and teaches writing seminars at Swarthmore College. My ex-wife and I are frequently in touch with one another since we were married for 23 years. Sadly, we just grew apart and agreed to an uncomplicated divorce which has left us friendly with one another. She, like me, is a world traveler, and I envy her for the places she has been that I have yet to experience.
Life experiences:
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Remembrances I experience at 74 are very liquid, they are shaped, often times, by my present mood or a film, or book, or a read through this website can unlock a memory that I didn't even know I had. Specifically, the passing of Joey Belloise greatly saddened me because we were quite close at school, especially during the last two years. When I read that Joey died I looked back on all the times we laughed in school. Joey, I miss you, and you are missed. It just isn't fair that you are gone, and from such a terrible sickness. Nevertheless, you are still alive in my mind and I remember the last time we were together, in a bar, not far from Miami Dade C. C. and we had a few beers together, catching up with one another, and laughing no differently that we did sitting in the library reading Hot Rod magazine.
My favorite things now:
Since the onset of winter I enjoy reclining in my somewhat spartan, yet warm and cozy apartment, reading primarily Russian history, and why not? Russia has a great violent history ever since the Nordic hoards (The Rus) sailed in here down the great rivers to establish a permanent colony. I've just completed a 560 page read on Catherine the Great, who in addition to being quite an accomplished Empress, was also, according to her personal letters left to posterity, sexually insatiable. I mean Catherine, taking on a set of brothers for lovers, one at 19, and one at 22, when you are a corpulent 60, girl, you had some balls. Now I will tackle Stalin and Lenin, just so when I walk around the Kremlin Wall I can look up at where they once stood, but never together, and visualize the past. Red Square is every bit as interesting as I hoped it would be, and St. Basil's Cathedral is far more extraordinary than I expected. I am also reading some Russian literature. I just finished One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch, which I read years ago in college, but I forgot how it ended, so I reread it and it ends the same, sadly. Now I haul around Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev so when I end up in Starbucks I have something appropriate to read. Today I am reading about the German siege of Leningrad, aka St. Petersburg, and even though I always new it was horrific, I never really knew the details of just how catastrophically lethal the siege was to the population. How did anyone survive? I keep Anton Chekhov's novel The Story of a Nobody in my backpack, I think of it as my biography. And as I walk the streets and alleys of Moscow, I delight in knowing that at 72 I am enjoying life here and taking advantage of all the wonderful culture Moscow has to offer. I can't wait for the symphony season to begin.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Bill Bryson is one of my favorite travel literature authors, and I just finished reading his book entitled One Summer America 1927. What a wonderful, exciting country America once was. How is it that we have become such a fragmented, politically polarized, unproductive nation so dependent on government to solve our societal problems. Anyway, a great, riveting read and America is blessed to have such an insightful author to claim as a son, even if he makes his home in England! On music: I believe that somewhere late in October of 1958 the last good notes were consumed, which I believed the Platters used in their song "Only You," and since then Rock & Roll has degenerated into nothing but noise, which worse of all, is now played in every public place in America. What I love about my Starbucks in Moscow is that there is no flat screen TV, no music, no baby carriages, no screaming kids, and no one talking on their cell phone so loud that I can't concentrate on reading my book! I love civility, and I hate noise, especially when it comes from loud ignorant people in public spaces. Movies: I have not seen one recently that I enjoyed more than Words & Pictures, except possibly The Railway Man which was a true story, a near documentary, and absolutely incredible. I hate cute movies, so I shy away from wasting money on films who employ actresses that express their acting ability by showing their tits and ass. A great film, Robert Duval in The Judge, a waste of money movie, Gone Girl.
I work at:
Unemployed English Teacher eyeing Central Asia
My website:

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