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North Miami Senior High Alumni

Andy Browne
Year: (1968)

Updated: 3/17/2013
Last Visit: 7/25/2013

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Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica,   
Phone Number:
704 4696356

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Biographical information:
Things I've been doing lately:
In 2009, I was forcibly retired from my job as an Information Technology Vice President for Wachovia Bank. My wife and I decided to sell most of our worldly possessions and move to Costa Rica where we live (quite happily). After 4 years of living the expat life, I am extremely busy producing informational videos, writing an extensive website about our adventures, conducting educational tours for people considering living outside the United States and singing and playing guitar in local clubs in Costa Rica. So much for retirement!
My family:
In 1973 I married Fran Weiner, a 68 Norland Grad and alum of the infamous NMB JFK Junior High. We have 2 sons (born in 1976 and 1981) and (so far) a grandpa 2 times over.
Life experiences:
Surviving a near fatal motorcycle accident on July 21, 1971.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
My best memories of high school did not take place in school but 4 miles to the east... surfing at Sunny Isles Pier during a hurricane.
My favorite things now:
Whitewater rafting, travel and making movies.
My favorite books, movies and music:
Musically anything from classic bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Kansas, Boston etc. Hate rap, hip hop or anything that even resembles that sort of nonmusical trash.
I work at:
Founder of Boomers Offshore in Costa Rica
My website:

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